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Bloggers Honor Reagan’s Life

The evidence of God can be seen by when Reagan came to be our President. Only a man of his strength and courage could accomplish what he did. He gave America greater freedoms and safety through smaller government, spreading democracy, and ending the cold war. We are indebted to you Mr. President. I will see you later, in glory.

Reagan Blog Honored:

Right Wing & Right Minded

    ”The thing that made Ronald Reagan the greatest president of the 20th century was his unwillingness to compromise to what others thought he should be. When he said he would do something, he did it. A man of his word. – C. Green
Four Right Wing Waccos

    ”I can only think that what the man contained is now free to influence our spirits in a way comparable to how it had influenced the course of this nation and the world as it manifest itself in deed during the course of his life's journey. He was a natural born leader of great magnitude. God Bless Ronald Reagan. I will always feel personally indebted to the man. I've missed his presence and his influence for many years now...” – The Valiant Elephant
Cold Fury

    ”A true leader, and the finest President in my lifetime. Thank you for showing us a better path, and actually putting us upon it. Rest in Peace.” – Joe
Guardian Watchblog

    ”he gave us back our pride in being Americans. Ronald Reagan gave us back our optimism, our sense that as great as America is, it will be greater still.” – CavalierX
Insults Unpunished

    ”he was able to talk to the American people in a way that acknowledged the tragedy (space shuttle disaster) but allowed us to keep moving forward. As he said, they “slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God”. Today he did the same. Thank you, Mr. President. You won’t be forgotten.” – Robert Prather

posted by: Brian Scott

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