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Bill said Hill will.... I mean would have.

Hillary for President?

Bill Clinton recently spoke to Alan Rusbridger and Jonathan Freedland (no clue who these people are) in New York. Bill had this to say about President.... I mean Senator Hillary. (entire transcript)

    "The current book tour is the latest Clinton campaign - but it's unlikely to be the last. What of the former president's wife, now in the Senate representing New York? Does she have what it takes to be president?

    He smiles at the thought. She considered running this year, he admits, but instead 'wanted to honour her commitment to the people of New York' to serve a full term in the senate. Political convention demands that he say Kerry will triumph this year? 'He has a slightly better than 50-50 chance to win,' says Clinton - and that therefore there will be no Democratic vacancy for eight years. So maybe that could be Hillary's moment?

    "We have no idea what the future holds. If, you know, eight years from now or sometime in the future she got a chance to serve, I have no doubt about her skills. She is the ablest person I've ever known in public life. And she does some things better than I do, better than I ever do. She is very well organised, she is very strong ... I have no doubt she could do it ... Who knows what will happen in the future?"
I had to blog this because it will be all you hear about on talk radio today.

posted by: Brian Scott

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