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Be Prepaired. Be Ready. It's Going To Happen.

The belief that terrorist organizations are attempting to sway America’s election is no longer speculation. It’s fact. They want Bush out. They turned the election in Spain to their advantage and are now attempting to affect ours. This past Saturday they attacked overseas oil ministries, which has raised the price of oil per barrel.

Democrats have recently used the price of oil per barrel as another reason to remove Bush from office. One has to wonder wether or not the terrorist use democratic websites for ideas on how to attack Bush. As an American, I would vote for the person most likely to piss the terroists off, just to spite them. I would consider it a blessing to do so.

The terrorists reach is not short. America had better be alert to the fact that attacks will not be on foreign soil alone, they will be here in America. The question is not how far they will go, but when and where their murderous acts of terror will take place.

    “There also is concern terrorists might try to mount an attack to coincide with the November election. The political fallout from the March 11 train bombings in Spain taught al-Qaida that an attack timed to an election can have a major impact. Spain's former ruling party was ousted in the voting that followed the bombing, which killed 191 and injured more than 2,000."
May God protect our families in the days before the November elections.

posted by: Brian Scott

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