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Air America Update - Bad ratings. America shocked.

If you've listened to even 1 minute of the programming you would understand why it sucks so badly. Attacks against God and Christianity are common place. Name calling and a poor sense of humor is a permanent fixture on every show, it often sounds forced and unnatural. So it’s no surprise that even though AAR had a good first showing, they are now in pretty bad shape.

Here are some excerpts from the article.

    An unofficial "extrapolation" of Arbitron data released last Friday — which Air America's hosts crowed about last month but virtually ignored yesterday — showed WLIB's ratings dropping back to their lowly levels before the net's April launch.

    Arbitron cautions stations and advertisers not to read too much into this interim monthly data — but that didn't stop Air America star Al Franken from boasting last month that he'd beaten WABC's Rush Limbaugh among the 25- to 54-year-old listeners chased by radio advertisers.
Yeah.... last months ratings will keep you on the air. I hear radio and TV always work on old ratings. (sarcasm)

    According to the article, many Air America investors thought the network had raised $30 million — when, in fact, only $6 million had been raised before the network launched.
More liberal lies to keep you in the dark about the truth.

    "We have a new influx of cash coming up," said Franken, whose contract promises more than $1 million a year, according to the Journal.

    "I am being paid now," he told listeners yesterday. "I've been paid for weeks."
I knew his charity work for Air America Radio wouldn't last long without an income. Where is his commitment to the show? Where is his self-sacrifice for the greater cause?

    The lefty network, which hopes to counter the election-year influence of high-rated conservative talk radio, is still without affiliates in Los Angeles and Chicago after noisy disputes over station lease payments.
I still maintain that Air America will call it quits after the November elections. If they win, they will have considered liberal talk radio a success. If they loose they will close doors and try again in 3 years and still call it a success. They will call it a success because liberal elites are delusional when it comes to their own failings. They would blame its failures on everyone else before they ever tried an ounce of introspection.

I found another article with a priceless quote from Air America's COO David Goodfriend. When asked about the fund raising discrepancy he simply stated:

    "We realized that we had all been duped,"
Wow. A liberal lying? Whaaaa?! Who could have seen that coming? Who lied to you David? Was it those evil conservative Christians or the VWRC? Being the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER of AAR wouldn’t you be the one that duped everyone? I wonder how Al Franken feels about being lied to.

    "In a start-up, says Franken, people often exaggerate what they have. Cohen, he says, "did just that, and somehow got us on the air. For that, I guess I owe him some gratitude."
Did I just read that correctly? Did he just say thanks to a fellow liberal for lying to him about his very livelihood? In this case, since his paychecks are no longer bouncing, lying is perfectly okay. No hypocrisy there Al. What was his last book called again? I believe it’s called “Lies and the lying liars that tell them.” How appropriate.

I hope the AAR management can instill a sense of calm about AAR’s future viability in the market.
    "Company executives now say the business is stabilizing. They note that the network's early ratings have been positive, and its business plan has been restructured. The company has received enough cash from investors to stay afloat, and it is negotiating with its creditors. Air America is "on track" to meet its financial goals, says Doug Kreeger, its current chief executive.
Whew. I thought they were in trouble. I'm glad to hear that they are doing so well. Rest easy AAR and associates. I’m sure that the truth is being told to you now.

posted by: Brian Scott

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