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What’s with the indignation Glenn?

I should have known. Last week Glenn Beck did not go though with airing an abortion. It took me the entire week of soul searching on my part to come to the conclusion that it would be of benefit to listen for those that have are pro-death. This is what I said last Friday:

    ”I feel that if it changes the heart of just one individual – it might be worth it. Its worth it because, even one life has the potential to become the next Einstein, President, Pastor or agent of good in this wicked world. And as Glenn said yesterday, for every 1 child given up for adoption there are 25 parents-to-be that are waiting in prayerful anticipation of being chosen. There is a need for the unborn to be given a chance in life. Ultimately life is a gift from God and is to be respected above all. For me however, I will have my hand on the volume at 10:07am. I’m not going to listen to the murder of a human being.”

It is my last sentence that should have tipped me off to his real game. I claim to understand who he is. I have listened to his show consistently for 2 years now, and have read his book twice. His personality is close to my own on a lot of different levels (except I’ve never done drugs and I’ve never been an alcoholic DJ). Knowing him as much as he’s allowed us to, and that I do not want to hear the murder of another human being, I should have known neither would he. And there is where my anger lies.

Glenn took the better part of a week explaining his reasons for wanting to do this. As I explained before, everything in his intonations was absolutely convincing. All his reasons were sound. Even the reason for him wanting to hear it sounded plausible. He wanted to have the full understanding of what an abortion is. It is the experience of listening to an abortion that would lend more credibility to his pro-life viewpoint. But as it turned out, he didn’t need to hear it after all. He didn’t even want you to hear it. He wanted you to experience it and he used deception as his tool. It was a way to get you to think about adoption as a viable option if your pro-death, to engage your mind about it, and that the O-Franken Factor show sucks. (His words, not mine)

I knew the jig was up the second the O’Franken Factor preempted the abortion procedure just before it was to take place. My hand was poised on the volume control of my radio at the time. My anger does not lie with him not letting others hear the abortion (although I think that would have been worthwhile), but in his apparent indignation with those that believed he would have us listen to one. If anyone were to spend the time and effort to convince an entire audience of 6 million listeners as he did, I’d be surprised if any thought he was joking. I believe his audience could experience it without the deception. He’s a creative person. I have no doubt he could have found a way.

Deception of this kind is dangerous. It angers the listener and he risks loosing his point altogether. His indignation with his listeners for believing he would air the abortion after a week of convincing us he would only adds to my ire.

posted by: Brian Scott

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