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This Girl Has Moxie.

I found a new blog I liked. It's called She has a good sense of humor. She posted what she did this weekend and I felt compelled to the same.

Friday evening: I wrote a love letter to Halliburton showing them my appreciation for their world domination and oil hording. Bought a T-shirt from "Evil-Conservative Ind." that said "I Luv Halliburton" and wore it to a war protest.

Saturday: It was an "Ozone action day" where I live so I did my part and mowed the lawn, filled my gas tank, crumbled an entire tube of polystyrene coffee cups, and sprayed two aerosol cans of "Net" hairspray till they were empty. At the end I was sticky, high, and happy. A perfect Saturday.

Sunday: I treated the Lords day a little differently. This is the day I like to relax and give back to the community. So I got on the net and sent money to PWHHP (People Who Hate Homeless People). It’s a grass roots effort to get people fired up and angry at homeless people. One testimony on their site stated, “The money I’m giving to you, I stole from a homeless persons begging cup.” & “I kicked a homeless person today, and it felt great!” This also brought a tear to my eye.

I can’t wait till next weekend.

posted by: Brian Scott

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