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Purveyors Of Fear

If you wish to seek a reason as to why the Left believes Bush is evil, look no further than the democratic leadership in Congress. In my last post, Ted Kennedy equated the Abu Ghraib abuses, under the Bush presidency, as having the same scope and intrinsic value as the torture that Saddam used when he was in power. Here is Ted's quote once again:

    ''On March 19, 2004, President Bush asked, 'Who would prefer that Saddam's torture chambers still be open?' Shamefully, we now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management - US management.''
Some Iraqis who were tortured under Saddam, visited the President today. They might feel differently about that, Ted.

Then we have this report from Clinton: Bush re-election would mean loss of freedoms.

She says:

    "Re-electing President Bush will mean a loss of freedoms and "create an America we won't recognize,"
She's talking about abortion rights and gay marriage here, I assume. But I remember an America where there was no legal abortion, and gay marriage was as probable as being hit by lightning, winning the mega millions jackpot, and socialism actually working, all on the same day. And yet here we are. An America I barely recognize.

    "If they get their way, you and I will be living in an America governed not by our hopes, but by our fears," Clinton wrote. "We'll be living in an America where we see our freedoms diminished when they ought to be embraced, our rights restricted when they ought to be strengthened."
What fear will you be living under, Hillary? Just what are you saying here? Democrats love to promote the idea that Bush would restrict (if not completely destroy) your 1st amendment rights. This notion is completely unintelligible. Is it because of the Patriot Act? You still can't name one instance where the Patriot act was used in an abusive manner. Is it because the FCC actually started enforcing its own rules? Here is a challenge to any liberal reading this. What rights of yours have been restricted or taken away since President Bush has taken office?

    "We'll be living in an America that shrinks away from the political and economic challenges of the 21st Century,"
Let me get this straight. Bush goes to war to bring freedom to an entire country, and Hillary believes that re-electing Bush would diminish freedom?

I understand when people have policy disagreements. That’s to be expected. But this goes beyond policy disagreement to plain ole scare tactics, which make people believe Bush is evil. It ignores the truth and appeals to the simple minded and easily led.

posted by: Brian Scott

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