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President Outlines Steps to Help Iraq Achieve Democracy and Freedom

Last night our President made an extremely important speech, which the major networks decided to ignore for obvious reasons. They don’t want you to understand anything about this war outside of their interpretation.

Immediately following the president's speech, Joe Biden (D) was on MSNBC with Chris Matthews claiming the president did not outline who would be in charge of America's troops after the June 30th hand over. Admittedly, I didn't hear it either. But that doesn't mean the president didn't say it.

    "After June 30th, American and other forces will still have important duties. American military forces in Iraq will operate under American command as a part of a multinational force authorized by the United Nations. Iraq's new sovereign government will still face enormous security challenges, and our forces will be there to help."
President Outlines Steps to Help Iraq Achieve Democracy and Freedom - Speech Transcript

The speech is very detailed regardless of what the left may try and make you believe. Please take the time to read the transcript so that you can discern fact from fiction.

posted by: Brian Scott

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