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Prepare to Stay

We're still in Germany, South Korea, & Cuba (to name a few). Why wouldn't we stay in Iraq to help maintain the peace, and help our cause (existence/freedom) strategically for a prolonged period of time? Why is that bad? It's not. But I'm positive that you'll get an earful about this from the left.

I’m tired of their short-sited thinking.

    "As difficult as the decision was to go to Iraq, the decision to leave is more difficult," said Bart Jochem. "Can we turn our backs on the Iraqi people? I'm afraid that would be bad for the country, bad for the people, bad for the region and bad for the world. It would, however, be good for the terrorists."

    In an opinion piece this week in Die Welt, one of Germany's most pro-American newspapers, the historian Walter Laqueur said the dream of democracy in Iraq was always "make-believe" and that the United States should be wary of Iraqis who ask them to get out, "but not so fast, please, for Allah's sake."

    "It would be stupid for the Americans' to listen to this advice. It would mean the agony would go on forever."
Heres the story from KnightRidder

posted by: Brian Scott

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