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The Positives of Abu Ghraib

Lately you would think that the only thing worth reporting on is the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal. It’s as if the entire world is waiting with baited breath to see just how bad America really is.

Whatever. I’m not going to fall into that trap. In my opinion America is still the best country this world has ever seen. I don’t mean to minimize what happened at Abu Ghraib, but this is the way I see it: Bad Americans did wrong. Bad Americans got caught. Bad Americans are going to be brought to justice. End of story. Now go do your American duty and support our troops.

Even though America’s soldiers are held to a higher standard, you would have to be borderline brain dead to believe that 100% of them are above reproach. We’re talking about 1 idiot in every 10,000 soldiers that went morally south. I wonder how many pedophiles/rapist/murders are at the local minor league baseball game you’re going to later?

Too much focus on a bad thing can really drain a person. Instead why not highlight the positives in this situation? Our system is working, we caught the bad guys and are making changes to ensure this won’t happen again, there are on going investigations to find out just what happened and how systemic the problem is, and we are holding our own countrymen accountable for doing wrong.

Believe it or not, our government’s reaction to this scandal is unique in this world. Most countries would push something like this under the rug by suppressing the photos and press from ever reporting it. Thank God in America we have freedom of the press. These photos got to the media and they were free to print them and say whatever they wanted to say without government interference. We have a lot to be thankful for.

    "This is the really good news about the United States of America, though. That is the pictures came to light. People will be prosecuted. Unlike under Saddam Hussein, where there were torture rooms and know one knew about them and didn't come to light,"

    First Lady Laura Bush

So once again, even in the shadow of a small number of US soldiers doing evil, America has raised the bar for other countries to model themselves after. Where else would you rather live?

posted by: Brian Scott

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