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The Politics of Bike Riding. (Or Falling)

Bush took a little spill recently. He fell off of his mountain bike while at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Kerry, after hearing the news, responded:

    "I hope he's OK. I didn't know the president rode a bike."
Then Drudge gets a hold of additional information about a remark made by Kerry seconds later. He asked:

    'Did the training wheels fall off?'
Is John Kerry 13 years old? What a really stupid and childish thing to say. Especially since John fell off his bike at the beginning of May.

Will John Kerry grow up before November? My sources say no. He’s actually regressing to even more stupid childish tantrums. In the future you can expect to hear John say:

“That’s not fair!”
“I want a recount!”
“Bush is stupid!”
“Bush isn’t nice!”
“He stole the election again!” And so on and so fourth. You get the picture.

posted by: Brian Scott

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