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John Kerry and his Band-Aid Endorsement.

Found this on Neal Boortz's weblog. I wonder if it's true. Sounds possible right?

    "Senator John Kerry, the recipient of three Purple Hearts, has signed a contract with Johnson & Johnson to endorse a new line of band-aids.

    The band-aids will be small purple hearts designed to cover minor, superficial wounds like Kerry suffered as a lieutenant in the Vietnam War.

    'We're proud to be working with Senator Kerry,' said a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson. 'We plan to use actual shrapnel removed from his arm in our ad campaign to highlight the small size of our J&J Band-Aid brand Purple Heart bandages.'

    The doctor who treated Kerry at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, recently described the procedure used to treat the wound that won the senator his first Purple Heart.

    'First, I located the wound with the aid of a magnifying glass,' said Dr. Louis Letson. 'Then, I used a pair of tweezers to extract the shrapnel, which measured approximately one centimeter in length and two to three millimeters in diameter.

    'Finally, I covered the wound with one of those little round band-aids people use to cover corns on their toes.'

    The Band-Aid endorsement is not the first for Senator Kerry.
    It comes on the heels of two other high-profile endorsement deals Kerry has signed with Waffle House and Flip-Flops, Inc."

posted by: Brian Scott

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