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The Good in Iraq

On May 17

    U.S. Soldiers detained 15 suspects and collected or destroyed large caches of weapons.

    No Soldiers were hurt in either raid.

    Soldiers of the same unit along with Iraqi Police reported a weapons turn-in at Mosul City Hall that consisted of seven rocket-propelled grenades and five RPG boosters. Later, the unit discovered nine 75mm artillery rounds southwest of Mosul.

On May 14

    In spite of recent insurgent attacks, U.S. Marines are continuing their support of communities here.

    An area of highway settlements near Al Kharma was attacked with rockets after U.S. Marines met with local residents. The Marines had passed out copies of Freedom Magazine, a Coalition-published Arabic-language magazine, and coloring books for children.

    The Marines plan to return to the villages to offer money to help residents repair the damage.

    In Ar Ramadi, Marine Civil Affairs checked on the progress of renovations at the Amel Shaabi and Ahzem schools.

    Civil Affairs teams also met with Ar Ramadi city government officials to discuss a proposal for Marine help in establishing five garbage companies.

    Individuals from five separate city districts were identified as possible new managers. Each company would employ roughly 60 Iraqis in jobs ranging from workers and foremen, to accountants - affecting nearly 300 families in all.

On May 13

    Marines continued their support of communities throughout the Al Anbar province with recent deliveries of supplies and the employment of Iraqis.

    Marines recently visited the Al Tash refugee camp south of Ramadi and delivered medications and medical supplies to the camp clinic. Marines also delivered two 30,000-gallon water bladders to alleviate water shortages there.

    They also delivered 600 uniforms and boots to the Fallujah Brigade and medicine to the Nassir Wa Al Salaam Clinic near the city.

    Employment for the people of Fallujah with Marine-led projects continues to climb. Two more contractors were recently brought in for the Fallujah Cleanup and Restoration initiative, making a total of 1,960 citizens employed in Coalition Forces projects, including the 1,700 members of the Fallujah Brigade.

    Marines also went to Al Kharma to visit with city directors and initiate several contracts. The contracts will correct water and sanitation problems in the city.

Looking at the good is important for both the morale of our soldiers and to paint a representative picture of what’s happening in Iraq. America’s media has all but ignored “the good” on page 1 and in the nightly newscast since the war began.

It is unfortunate that our soldiers have to fight for the minds of the Iraqi people and the minds of Americans as well. While in Iraq they can control how they are viewed to some extent. But they have zero control in America when their voice is stamped out every evening by what’s happening in the Sunni Triangle. And progress is being made there well. With all the good news that happens every day over there it shouldn’t be that hard.

It is understood that the death of 1 American soldier is important information, but so is the rebuilding of a school, the smiles on the Iraqi children, the capturing of Islamic radicals, and the emerging free Iraq. A more balanced approach is needed in the covering of this war. However, I’m not sure we will ever have “fair” coverage in the mainstream press.

It is my opinion that the media has been irresponsible and possibly even damaging to our efforts in Iraq. We (Patriotic Americans) must do everything we can to help our troops. We should send care packages, welcome them home, support their families, write letters to editors, write a letter to our troops telling them that they are appreciated, pray for them, and seek the good news.

posted by: Brian Scott

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