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Bush's apology: Part 2

As I said earlier, I think it's apt that he apologized for the mistreatment of the POWs. It shows the rest of the world that America still has the moral high ground and can admit when we are wrong, even when other countries refuse to admit their demons. By saying sorry for the treatment of the prisoners we raise the moral standard. It is uniquely American to do so. We have set the standard for the world once again.

That being said, I know that there are enemies in and out of the US that will use this against us, and say that Bush's apology is a sign of weakness. Look what recently happened at the UN when the Sudan won re-election to head its "human rights" division.

Sichan Siv, the US delegate, said this before walking out in disgust:

    "The United States will not participate in this absurdity," and "Our delegation will absent itself from the meeting rather than lend support to Sudan's candidacy."

To which the Sudan deputy UN Ambassador Omar Mohamed Manis replied by saying that the United States had no right to accuse anyone of human rights violations after the allegations of mistreatment of Iraqis held in U.S.-run prisons in Iraq.

He stated:

    " [that the images of the Iraqi prisoners]are fresh in the minds of all justice-loving people around the world,".

It is a Herculean stretch for the Sudanese Ambassador to say anything at all, because it is the Sudan that has ethnic cleansing happening in the country's Darfur region.

It is amazing to me that America can find and prosecute 12 or so individuals for doing wrong. But when the Iraqi countrymen kill U.S. citizens and burn them, drag them through the streets, mutilate their bodies and hang them from bridges, the Arab press rarely mentions it at all. It becomes page 18 news to them.

It is on this point that I start to see red and get really angry. And yet, regardless of my righteous indignation on this matter, America is still held to a higher standard and should never let the humiliation of Iraqi prisoners slide without an apology and corrective action.

Where is the apology from Arabs and Muslims to the U.S. for the mistreatment of our troops? The truth is they would rather eat dirt and be humiliated before they would ever apologize to America for any wrong they did.

I’m thankful that the President stood up and did the right thing by apologizing. The next step on the agenda is to demand Arab countries apologize for the mistreatment of our troops. Yeah right. Fat chance that’ll ever happen.


posted by: Brian Scott

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