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48 Catholic Democrats warn Bishop on bigotry

In November of 2002, The Pope removed all doubt regarding the Church’s positions on the matters of abortion and gay marriage. Catholics no longer can say they are confused about the Roman Catholic Church's position on these issues.

    "It is necessary to give a firm response to this situation, especially through more incisive educational and catechetic activity."

    "A lack of moral values," he said, "opens the door to infidelity and the dissolution of marriage. The civil laws that promote divorce and threaten life by trying to introduce abortion officially; the population control campaigns that ... encourage thousands of women to be sterilized and to use contraception, especially in the north, have dramatic consequences." In addition, he continued, "there are many attempts, in public opinion and civil legislation, at equating the family with mere de facto unions and at recognizing same sex unions as marriages. These and other anomalies urge us to proclaim with pastoral firmness the truth on marriage and family. It would be a serious pastoral omission not to do so."
In response to this strong statement, Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs issued a letter on May 5 of this year saying that ordinary parishioners (those who worship) should not receive Communion if they vote for positions that support abortion rights, gay marriage, euthanasia and stem cell research.

On April 30th, Nancy Pelosi made it publicly known through here expressions of “deep concern” that she doesn’t care what the Pope says; she will continue to ask for communion.

Then, on May 20th, 48 democratic representatives and senators "warn" Bishop Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., in a letter, not to withhold their communion due to their voting records. The letter states that we (the 48 signed)

    "firmly believe that it would be wrong for a bishop to deny the sacrament of Holy Communion to an individual on the basis of a voting record. We believe that such an action . . . would bring great harm to the church."
Demonstrating her lack of knowledge on Christian Biblical Theology, she equated the constitution as having the same intrinsic value as the Bible. She states:

    "Noting that the Supreme Court has ruled that women have a constitutional right to choose an abortion, they said that members of Congress "who vote for legislation consistent with that mandate are not acting contrary to our positions as faithful members of the Catholic Church."
The Pope and God beg to differ.

It is the Church’s position that it is a sin to accept and promote abortion and gay marriage; and that it would also be a sin to administer the sacraments to those that promote these societal wrongs.

My problem with this, is the apparent hypocrisy that is taking place here. Nancy and 47 of her like-minded friends pressuring the Bishop not to withhold the sacraments… Isn’t this the “State” butting into the “Church’s” affairs? It is completely within the Church’s right to withhold the sacraments to anyone the Church leaders deem unworthy.

It is the Pope’s responsibility to hold the Church to God’s standards, laid out in the Bible, not to society’s standards. And definitely not those of the 48 liberals who pressured the Bishop.

posted by: Brian Scott

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