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the talkRADIOforecast for today

1. Waco Jacko Indicted

2. Princes Diana shown dying in a photo to be aired by CBS. England not happy.

3. Car Blasts in Basra Kill 68 in Rush Hour Suicide Car Bombings During Rush Hour in Basra, Iraq, Kill 68, Including 16 Children

Iā€™m sure al-Jazeera will make it our fault somehow. Al-Jazeera needs to be taken off the air in Iraq. Permanently.

- Speaking of al-Jazeera: Why the Bush Admin. Doesn't Like al-Jazeera

Did you know that The station was launched in 1996, by disenchanted BBC journalists? Why am I not surprised.

Heres the Al-Jazeera website: Read if you desire a headache

4. General: Much of Iraq's Forces Have Quit. 10% actually worked against the US. 40% just quit.

5 .'Gay Militia' storms Christian meeting - Convention was discussing bill that could make Bible 'hate literature'

6 .Most Russians like Lenin
Are you kidding me?

7. Good economic news: Fed Says U.S. Growth Widespread

8. No President has lost AZ and won the White House. Battle ground states FL & AZ

- Read George Will ā€“ As goes Arizona

- Read David Hill ā€“ Florida Poll Favors Bush


posted by: Brian Scott

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