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The talkRADIOforecast for today

Sorry guys, but I’m really tired and don’t feel much like commenting today. So here’s what you’ll hear.

1. Italy Vows to Stay in Iraq Despite Hostage Killing

Italy, Japan Undeterred by Iraq Hostage Murder

2. Iraq War Proves Thorny Issue for Kerry

3. Sharon Coup: U.S. Go-Ahead

4. Chubby, Barefoot Man Outruns Police I would have loved to had seen that.

5. Librarians Protest Mandated Internet Filters For Library Computers

6. Public's cynicism about media has become a pressing concern

7. Liberal network yanked in L.A., Chicago markets

Air America - where every flight crashes

8. 9/11 Family Member You Don’t See on Hardball

posted by: Brian Scott

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