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The talkRADIOforecast for today: Presidential press conference.

Only one big story worth mentioning in the forecast today:

Last night as my wife and I watched we were amazed at how relaxed our President looked. He looked more ill at ease when speaking with Tim Russert on Meet the Press a few months back than he did last night talking to an entire gaggle of ill-tempered reporters.

Ill-tempered? I’m amazed and angered by the quality of questions given to the president. I could sum it up in a comedy sketch, but instead I’ll just post the questions and see if you can guess what my problem is.

    ”Polls show that support for your policy is declining and that fewer than half Americans now support it. What does that say to you and how do you answer the Vietnam comparison?”

    “Mr. President, before the war, you and members of your administration made several claims about Iraq that U.S. troops would be greeted as liberators with sweets and flowers, that Iraqi oil revenue would pay for most of the reconstruction; and that Iraq not only had weapons of mass destruction, but as Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said, we know where they are. How do you explain to Americans how you got that so wrong? And how do you answer your opponents, who say that you took this nation to war on the basis of what have turned out to be a series a false premises?”

    “Thank you, Mr. President. To move to the 9/11 Commission. You, yourself, have acknowledged that Osama bin Laden was not a central focus of the administration in the months before September 11th. "I was not on point," you told the journalist, Bob Woodward, "I didn't feel that sense of urgency." Two-and-a-half years later, do you feel any sense of personal responsibility for September 11th?”

    “Mr. President, I'd like to follow up on a couple of these questions that have been asked. One of the biggest criticisms of you is that whether it's WMD in Iraq, postwar planning in Iraq, or even the question of whether this administration did enough to ward off 9/11, you never admit a mistake. Is that a fair criticism? And do you believe there were any errors in judgment that you made related to any of those topics I brought up?”

    “Thank you, Mr. President. Two weeks ago, a former counterterrorism official at the NSC, Richard Clarke, offered an unequivocal apology to the American people for failing them prior to 9/11. Do you believe the American people deserve a similar apology from you, and would you be prepared to give them one?”

    “Thank you, Mr. President. In the last campaign, you were asked a question about the biggest mistake you'd made in your life, and you used to like to joke that it was trading Sammy Sosa. You've looked back before 9/11 for what mistakes might have been made. After 9/11, what would your biggest mistake be, would you say, and what lessons have you learned from it?”

    “Following on both Judy's and John's questions, and it comes out of what you just said in some ways, with public support for your policies in Iraq falling off the way they have -- quite significantly over the past couple of months -- I guess I'd like to know if you feel in any way that you've failed as a communicator on this topic? Because –

    I guess I just wonder if you feel that you have failed in any way? You don't have many of these press conferences, where you engage in this kind of exchange. Have you failed in any way to really make the case to the American public?”

AGONIZING!! Come on! What is this? Try and discredit our President day? Does anyone believe that if every contingency, every detail, every jot and tittle could have been assessed before 9/11 and the war against terror it would have been? Mistakes are going to be made, it’s the nature of war. Mistakes can be minimized but considering the circumstance, I believe Bush is doing a great job. It’s only possible to do war mistake free if you’re God himself.

I keep hearing the same thing from pundit after pundit pointing fingers at Bush as though he’s the one that flew the planes into the twin towers on 9/11/01. I hear it from both sides actually. This type of finger pointing is useless. As a tail rider to their rant about Bush or Clinton being at fault – they say something to the effect that neither administration was on a war footing, and this couldn’t have been prevented. Which is it!? Oh yeah, it’s an election year.

I don’t doubt for one second that either President Clinton or President Bush would have moved Heaven and Earth to stop 9/11 from happening. It’s not hard to read between the lines to see what these reporters are actually saying: “Why did you allow 3000 innocent Americans to die in those towers you tyrannical jerk.” The only purpose for this is to assign blame where it doesn't belong and get 1/2 of America to believe that Bush is actually as Barbaric as Saddam himself.

    ”is there anything we could have done to stop the attacks. Of course, I've asked that question -- as have many people of my government. Nobody wants this to happen to America. And the answer is that had I had any inkling whatsoever that the people were going to fly airplanes into buildings, we would have moved heaven and earth to save the country -- just like we're working hard to prevent a further attack.”
    George W. Bush.

My friends, the terrorists are at fault for 9/11. Seek apologies from them. I don’t believe you’re going to get one from them, and you certainly shouldn’t expect one from someone who isn’t at fault.

As to the content about Bush’s speech before the questioning. He did a good job. He was relaxed, comfortable, he knew what he was going to say and stated his goals and thoughts well. I’m not a fan of the way President Bush delivers speeches, but his content is what matters. Focus on the content. Focus on his desire to keep the country safe and you free.

    ”One thing is for certain, though, about me -- and the world has learned this -- when I say something, I mean it. And the credibility of the United States is incredibly important for keeping world peace and freedom.”
    George W. Bush.

Read the full transcript:Here

posted by: Brian Scott

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