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The talkRADIOforecast for today

1. The big story today will be the enterview Tim Russert had with Paul Bremer. Heres a troubling excerpt.

    "MR. RUSSERT: June 30: You're going to turn the keys over to the Iraqis. Who do you turn them over to?

    AMB. BREMER: Well, that's a good question,...Read the transcript

2. The following is a redacted text of the presidential daily briefing from August 6, 2001:

Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US:The memo

3. Good economic news:Read the story

4. John McCain - No Veep for Meep

5. This falls under the "Why America is Better Than (add country name here)" catagory. This will probably not get any air time but I want to pull your attention to it. Is America heading in the same direction? John Leo talks about whats happening to free speach in Canada: Read the Op-ed.

6. How could Arafat actually get worse? How about if he tried to "create a leadership organization that would include, among others, Islamic Jihad and Hamas, the most notorious of Palestinian terrorist groups." Read the Op-ed by Joel Mowbray

7. Global warming is global crap.Check this story out.

8. I couldn't agree more with Ralph Peters on this one about what to do in Iraq now. Heres a quote from the Op-ed:

    ”Our president must make no mistake: Any "settlement," any halt short of the annihilation of the killers who want to destroy the future of Iraq, will be read throughout that troubled country and the greater Islamic world as a resounding victory for the terrorists. They'll be viewed as having defeated the U.S. military, stopping it in its tracks.”

Drop The Hammer Now

posted by: Brian Scott

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