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The talkRADIOforecast for today.

The Big story for today of course is that Condoleezza Rice will be speaking to the 9/11 commission. Expect her credibility to go up and Clarke’s to move even further south.

Read up on it.

Here’s the other big story that will get a lot of play.

Kerry says US in a "mess" in Iraq

Kerry says: "I'm not the president and I didn't create this mess, so I don't want to acknowledge a mistake that I haven't made," Kerry said.

Is that right? Weren’t you at a town hall meeting trying to explain why you voted against (or is it for now?) the 87 billion to help strengthen our forces and give our troop body armor? You’re doing everything in your power to keep it a mess. This is why you'll never be president John. You don't have the clarity of thought to understand that we are battling terror, not Iraq as a country. What frustrates me more than anything is that liberals continue to show a divided country giving the terrorist a false since of possible victory.

"But let me tell you something, the president needs to step up and acknowledge that there are difficulties and that the world needs to be involved, and they need to reverse their policy."

You would love that! Bush obviously believes he’s on the right course. And so does half the country. You'll never agree on anything when it comes to the war on terror. You’re trying to make him look weak when he isn't. This is merely a ploy.

Yes it's difficult to build a nation. But it's going fairly well despite the objections of you and the terrorists. Did you honestly believe it was going to be all soft bunnies and beautiful sunsets with peace and love and happiness for all in a country that’s still in the 15th century? Come on! Give me a break. People over there are just beginning to taste freedom. Once they have they will fight to the bitter end to protect it.

Kerry said Bush had blundered by excluding countries that opposed the Iraq war from the huge rebuilding contracts. "That's a terrible message to send to countries.

I love this policy of Bush's. It's completely fair to say that only countries that made sacrifices of their own on the war against terror will benefit from the reconstruction of Iraq. Those that wrung their hands and did nothing – get nothing!

Here’s a little reality TV analogy that might make you understand a little better what might happen this November:

Do you watch survivor? You should. The two types of people considered for being VOTED off are those that do nothing to strengthen the unity of the tribe, and those that sit and do nothing to help set up camp.


posted by: Brian Scott

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