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Daily Notes :I Moved to MT.

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The talkRADIOforecast for today.

1. Go to and search "waffles" The number 1 item to appear is John Kerry's official website.

2. The food for oil program was a vast wasteland of crime and theft for those in power over the program. This program was run by socialist and dictatorial leaders, proving once again they have no love for the "common man" or "worker", they only like socialism and totalitarianism because it keeps them in power and lines their pockets with riches. Read all about the food for oil scandal - and realize that nothing will ever be done about it.

- Annan rejects oil-for-food criticism. What a surprise.

- Russia down plays the investigation. Another surprise right?

I know there’s a ton more out there, including the over inflated numbers of North Korean's dying, Fallujah, Baathists given power in Iraq, and the election. (Did you know that John Kerry feels our Democracy is a farce?) But I gotta run.


posted by: Brian Scott

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