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The talkRADIO forecast for today.

1. James Taranto wrote an Op-ed for the In it he demonstrates how bin Laden is using the lefts words to drive a wedge further into America. He sees the division in our country and only seeks to widen it. Bin Laden’s latest statements mimic that of and Ted Kennedy’s. His statements "shows a command of Democratic talking points” - Halliburton is evil; the president is a 'liar' who commands a 'gang'," etc.”

Earlier we heard from Sadr, the anti-US Shi'ite cleric. He “warned today that Iraq will become another Vietnam-like conflict for the United States unless it transfers power to "honest Iraqis". Which mimics that of Ted Kennedy’s earlier statement: "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam,"

If you're part of the left giving them fodder, how does your rhetoric help keep our men and women alive?

Is the lefts hate for Bush so deep that they would hurt our troops by giving Laden and Sadr verbal ammunition? Ted Kennedy and should realize that making these irresponsible statements are hurting our troops. They may blame Bush for getting us there, but they show little concern for our troops at this point by making statements like these. It is only in their warped minds that it is actually proving to do any good. But like I’ve said so many times before, it’s an election year. Regardless of the statement and their hateful rhetoric they will continue on this course as long as it wins them votes and the Whitehouse.

Imagine you’re an Iraqi militant fighting for Sadr. You're watching CNN and on it you see how divided America is on this war in Iraq. You see the instant news coverage of American casualties and then the subsequent outrage for Americans being there by liberal leaders. You see half of America get weaker and weaker as you follow through with every punch you throw at them. You see polls in support of the Iraq war leaning your way with every instance of aggression you are part of. You see that even though the Americans are adept at killing more of your men, it takes only a few Americans to die in order to stir up an entire army of liberal anti war leaders to help you spread your word throughout the world. If you are this Iraqi militant, what are you supposed to think? If you are this Iraqi militant why wouldn’t you continue to fight?

Making comments like the left loves to do only gives our enemy strength and a perception that America can be conquered on both physical and ideological grounds.

I understand the desire for peace. I understand the need to have our boys and girls back home. But everyone that supported us going to Iraq understands that the sacrifice that these men and women are making today will make our world a safer place. It’ll be safer for you, your children and your children’s children.

Recently an article written by The Forth Rail’s Bill Roggio chronicles the further blabberings of our liberal leaders and those of bin Laden and Sadr. Read “Speaking Like the Enemy” by Bill Roggio

Related stories that might get some air time:

Washington urges Americans to leave Saudi Arabia

Bin Laden tape piles pressure on U.S. companies

European Nations Reject Bin Laden 'Truce'

Bush Stance Shocks Arabs

For anyone that believe that Israel has no claim to the land they now occupy please read the following: It's their land!

2. Settlement in Ten Commandments statue suits costs taxpayers $500,000

3. Romney Seeks Block to Gay Marriage Law

4. Ban on 'Idiots and Lunatics' Sparks Electoral Row
We really need to enact this law here in America.

5. A Bush Ad Will Question Kerry's Commitment to Troops
I think we covered this in my rant earlier.

6. Jesse Ventura Eyes 2008 Presidential Bid
Sorry Jess, not a chance.

7. Liberal Talk Radio has taken it’s case to court and won. They have forced the company that was carrying them in LA and Chicago to place them back on air.

I’ll admit it. I know nothing about how radio is run. Although there was something that struck me as odd when I heard they were paying someone to broadcast their show. Most programming is picked up because it has potential to earn revenue for the station. Typically no money is paid to carry it.

Here’s what prompted Jonah Goldberg to write about this: Read the full article here

    . Here's what set off my latest bout of FF. Air America is off-air in Chicago and L.A. because they bounced a check after only two weeks of broadcasting, according to Arthur Liu, the owner of Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc., who was essentially renting airtime to Air America. The folks at Air America deny this, claiming that Mr. Liu is lying and - I quote - a "Liu-ser."

    I am delighted to hear that making fun of Asian last names is now socially acceptable according to liberals. I am grateful that Mr. Liu's last name isn't Dong or Wang. Who knows what those joke-meisters might have come up with then.


posted by: Brian Scott

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