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So close we can't see beyond it.

It's hard to find the two faces of a religion (peaceful vs. radical) when the only thing being seen and read are in reality very barbaric.

I constantly battle in my mind a desire to paint most Muslims as radical and unwilling to reason beyond their pride. Why can’t there be two nations living next to each other in peace? Why does Israel have to be driven into the sea for there to be peace in the region?

Every day Muslims are reminded how evil Israel and westerners are. Ravi Zacharius, an evangelist stated that it is almost impossible to talk them about positive aspects of western culture in such a way that they would deem it as reasonable. He goes further to say you can't convince Muslims that you came to know truth or understand meaning while you were in America during a visit. Muslims wouldn't accept that as a valid experience because the thought process must have been tainted by western culture in some way, which is evil.

How do you change an entire belief system of an entire religion? If Allah is not your god then you deserve death. At the very least you have the same intrinsic value as vermin and therefore killing you is just as reasonable and probably more productive than letting us live.

I’ve also heard statistics that only 10% of Muslims are extremists? That means that 90% of the religion is not screaming loud enough to stop the madness that has taken over. Or has it taken over? Do the 90% feel the same as the 10 and are just not as willing to take life over it, but no less gratified when Israeli children are blown to bits? What evil madness is this?

Where was the massive out cry on 9/11 and 9/12 and every day after that from the Islamic community? You only heard one or two small instances of Muslims clerics stating that what had happened was terrible. Contrast that to the Muslims in America cheering and dancing at what had happened. We turned on our TV’s and witnessed most Arab nations dancing in the street and passing out candy. 9/11 will be forever a day of celebration for them.

I hope and pray that these problems are just held to close to our faces. So close that it’s almost impossible to look beyond them. I hope that regardless of how close they are, there is a reality beyond it that begs to differ with what is being reported. I hope there is a peaceful religion of Islam. It is the Muslim community’s job to prove it.

posted by: Brian Scott

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