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President Bush Discusses Iraq, 911 Commission with Reporters - He gets a little cranky

Honestly this doesn't bother me on bit. As sure as I'm sitting here there will be press about this. They'll call him arrogant and use this as proof. Obviously none of the Pundits and Senators you'll hear on this has had bad days. If you ask me, Bush has gotten a lot of bad press about the war in Iraq and was just asking for a little respect. Here’s how it went down:

THE PRESIDENT: Let me ask you a couple of questions. Who is the AP person?

Q I am.


Q Sir, in regard to --

THE PRESIDENT: Who are you talking to?

Q Mr. President, in regard to the June 30th deadline, is there a chance that that would be moved back?

THE PRESIDENT: No, the intention is to make sure the deadline remains the same. I believe we can transfer authority by June 30th. We're working toward that day. We're, obviously, constantly in touch with Jerry Bremer on the transfer of sovereignty. The United Nations is over there now. The United Nations representative is there now to work on the -- on a -- on to whom we transfer sovereignty. I mean, in other words, it's one thing to decide to transfer. We're now in the process of deciding what the entity will look like to whom we will transfer sovereignty. But, no, the date remains firm.

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Full transcript

June 30th and no later. Iraq will belong to Iraq.

The talkRADIOforecast for today:

Bush lacked enough information to prevent 9/11

Bush losing support on Iraq - It's part of the war on terror people! Wake up and support our troops and this fight. It's necessary!

Spain gets nervous - And for good reason; They're controlled by terrorists now. My hope is that they learn a leason. One bomb killing 200 made you vote for a man that has the same position as the terrorists. It only goes to reason that the terrorists would try this again. No one in this world is safe from terrorism. You are a target because you are not muslim.

Kerry Says Nader Meeting May Be 'In the Works' - Now we'll get to see just what Kerry offers Nader to get out of the race. If not now, within a reasonable time before election day. It's gonna cost Kerry though. It's just a matter of figuring out what the price line is. So much for Nader's convictions. I guess the saying is true: Everything is for sale.

But Dean is out there now telling voters to Reject Nader's bid for the Whitehouse. Dean could upsets a possible agreement between Kerry a Nader, it may just cost Kerry more than he's willing to give.

Hi. My name is Brian and it's been 10 days since my last double scoop of wiskey sour & beer ice cream.


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