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President Bush Discusses Iraq, 911 Commission with Reporters - He gets a little cranky - Part 2

Remeber in an earlier blog when I said Bush seemed to be a little cranky when talking to an AP reporter? It turns out he wasn't being cranky. J. McIntyre from sets the record straight.

"I saw Bush's exchange with the AP reporter live and was taken by surprise, as the President came off sounding like a jerk. To the viewer, it came across like the President was dressing down the reporter for not calling him 'Mr. President.' Courtesy of Josh Marshall, apparently the AP reporter had a cell phone to his ear which prompted the 'Who are you talking to?' retort form the President. This is obviously a big difference and the White House should do a better job of getting the real story out to the press. To the average viewer who saw that live the President did not come off well at all."


Kerry Says He Would Cap Federal Spending

Here is a quote from my blog titled: Kennedy is smoking crack... He has to be .

"Remember this day; democrats are actually complaining about funding Medicare too much. It's a watershed event. It's the beginning of democrats painting themselves as fiscal conservatives. And it won’t be hard to because Bush tried to reach across the aisle one to many times." - BS.

Do you see what Kerry is doing? He's pulling the same thing that Clinton did, that Bush is doing and now Kerry is doing. He's trying to triangulate and take issues away from the conservatives. Waffles anyone?

I wish for once a democrat would be a democrat and a republican would be a republican. It makes the poor undecided even more confused. John Kerry is no fiscal conservative. I heard him earlier today on Fox News saying he wanted to roll back the Bush tax cut. Wake up people! This would increase your tax burden and in the process hurt the economy.

Bush is actually playing a bit of a different game though. In my opinion he was actually trying to reach across the aisle and change the tone in Washington. He did it in Texas, he wanted to do it as president. Washington is a completely different animal I guess. My problem is that he kept trying and trying to reach across and it hasn’t helped him one bit. I hope in his second term, he becomes more of a fiscal conservative.

posted by: Brian Scott

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