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Photo montage of the pro-death rally held on April 25th at our nation's capital.

A wide shot of all the happy signs.

Let’s march for women’s lives, just not the unborn women.

That’s the first sign I agree with. It’s not the child’s choice to be dismembered.

The sign says: “Bush is “pro-life” but pro execution??” Only a person of the pro-death camp would have trouble distinguishing the difference between an innocent unborn life and a guilty murderer.

Really? Your plan for parenthood is killing your unborn? When do you become a parent then?

At least then men would have a voice about what should be done.

Another mother for choice that should thank her mother for not aborting her.

Look…The woman in purple is at least trying to give the Zeig Heil as directed.

We’re having fun ignoring the facts about abortion! You can too!

Which one of the six shown in the picture will she choose?

Please respect my right to disagree with you.

Wow, she’s really classy. Trust me lady, you wouldn’t catch a conservative within 10 miles of your… you know what.


posted by: Brian Scott

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