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Patriotism in question

How has questioning ones patriotism become worse than using a four letter expletive? At what point can you call someone unpatriotic? Is it when they cheer a Berkeley speaker calling for an American Jihad? Can we call those liberals unpatriotic?

In congress it manifests itself as partisanship instead of unity on issues where it should not be. How many times does Bush have to reach across the aisle only to be bitten? It’s one more example of why appeasement doesn’t work in any form with people who are obsessed with power.

Listen, I'm not saying that all libs and dems are traitors or unpatriotic, but this type of rhetoric they use reaches a whole different level than just me ranting about how unpatriotic they are. Calling for Rumsfield to be killed? Come on! I think a blind deaf mute could see that difference.

Predictably, liberal and democratic Americans will turn a blind eye to this. Republicans don't do this kind of crap. And if they did we (conservatives) would work heaven and earth to make sure whoever it was that said it, would never earn a voice again.

Look what happened to Trent Lott when he made flattering comments about Strom Thurmon. Chris Dodd says almost the exact same thing a couple weeks ago about Robert Bird (x-KKK) and nothing comes of it. How hypocritical!

Truth, proof, facts, honesty is not a virtue in the Democratic party at this point. If it were, Kerry would be taken to task for all his waffling, Democrats would be united on the fight against terror, and America would be unified in our resolve to keep us safe.

Read what started my rant at the Drudge Report

I posted it at LFG too.

posted by: Brian Scott

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