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The O'Failing factor

I've listened to the liberals answer to Rush Limbaugh now for about 30 minutes. Right now the O'Franken factor is on. At first I was convinced that it would succeed, but now I'm convinced to believe it won't. Notice I didn't say of all liberal talk radio would fail. I’ll make that assessment after I’ve heard all of their radio personalities do their radio thing.

You might ask yourself why after 20 minutes, was I able to determine this? Here's why: Al Franken has a co-host, Katherine Lanpher a veteran air personality. It doesn't seem to flow well between them at all. In fact I keep asking myself why Al is talking when all I want to do is listen to Kate. It sounds like a planned conversation instead of how conversations normally take place. Al even admitted his lack of experience in the first 1/2 of the show and said that he was relying on Kate's help. How is that being an answer to Rush?

Al can be called the anti-Rush of course, that wouldn't bother me. It doesn't bother me to call him that, because he doesn't and can't do what Rush can. And I mean even being funny falls in that category. Al's show sounds disjointed having both people there. And although Al may feel passionately about his beliefs it doesn't come through when everything sounds written out like it does on his show. The jokes sound planned, anti climatic and dry too. When you listen to Rush, Hannity, Glenn Beck and Mike Gallagher it flows. Why? It’s because their message comes straight from the heart to the microphone. No rehearsal.

Rush is a self made man. He needed no one to tell him how to act, be, feel, or say anything. He is who he is, and even if you think he's crap you’re still attracted to him like flies. You can't stay away! To conservatives, Rush is our headlight and we are his deer. We're caught and can't move. Which is yet another reason why Al’s show won’t succeed, he’s time slotted against a colossal mega talent superstar.

Passion isn't just about having a show. Passion is about standing on the corner of a preverbal street somewhere and attracting people to listen. You’re speaking off the cuff. You’re talking with passion, conviction, and truth and that will bring even the conservatives to listen.


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posted by: Brian Scott

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