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4/12/2004 and a 20 year old Islamic extremist.

I decided to comment on a LFG post where it was brought to our attention that a 20 year old Islamic extremist stated the following:

    “God willing Bush will fall down by the hands of Fallujah,” he says, combining military and political rhetoric. “If John Kerry wins the election and withdraws the Americans troops from Iraq, and maybe just leaves a few in bases, then we will not fight. But Bush we will always fight.”

This is my response: (read it on LFG or read it below)

    I feel like I'm in a twilight zone episode. In this creepy episode half of America sees no relevance when voting the same way as a terrorist would. There’s no waking up to safety on this nightmare train.

    Logically speaking, If I'm an American, I would love voting for the guy they (terrorists) hate with all their being. It would be just one more show of strength and solidarity against them. Maybe they would start to get the point.

    As for this 20 year old; I don't believe for one second that he would stop. The second someone of leadership quality stands up and says "Any American on our soil, needs to be destroyed" this 20 year old would have gun in hand and murder on his heart

    If with Bush you will always fight, then with Bush you will surely die. And they know this.

    Why can't Democrats be like Lieberman, John Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, and Zell Miller? Regardless of how you feel/felt about their domestic policys, these are men you could trust to act in America's security interests.

    The modern Democrat has abandoned freedom for appeasement and even that will not stop the terrorists from attacking us again.

    America please wake up.


posted by: Brian Scott

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