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Kennedy is smoking crack... He has to be.

Kennedy likes to call Bush a liar. Huh. Really? Lets take a look at Kennedy's comments that he used for proof.

Ted said Bush had a credibility gap as large as Nixon's and that he broke the bonds of trust with the American people.

He then attacked Bush on the Medicare bill that was passed claiming that it was a sweetheart deal for the drug and insurance companies. He called it a raw deal for seniors. Ummm, don't tell that to the AARP that currently has a commercial running that calls the Medicare bill a good start. It seems as though the only seniors that don't like this bill are those aged democrats still holding their seat in the House and Senate.

Ted knows full well that its the Congressional Budget Office that gives the Whitehouse it's cost estimates and figures. Kennedy then mentions that Bush mislead everyone on the cost of the bill. Both parties now understand that the bill will actually cost 134 billion more than what was originally estimated.

Am I hearing right? Are democrats actually upset that they have to spend more to properly fund a bad government program? This is such an obvious case of self-loathing, It's truly amazing. For decades the democrats have fought for significant increase in spending for all existing programs. (I have proof –keep reading) They hate the republicans for restraining them. Remember democrats want you dependant on the government, and the only way to do that is by creating programs that make you rely on it. This effectively creates their own voter base of people who supposedly can't make it on their own.

Remember this day; democrats are actually complaining about funding Medicare too much. It's a watershed event. It's the beginning of democrats painting themselves as fiscal conservatives. And it won’t be hard to because Bush tried to reach across the aisle one to many times.

Bush has tried to do exactly what Clinton did, triangulate and take issues from the democrats. That might have worked in Texas, it backfired in Washington. Each time Bush reached across the aisle for support, his hand got slapped, bit and chewed on. He reached across the aisle and gave Teddy the education bill "No Child Left Behind" which Ted wrote and is now saying that Bush's education bill is horrible and under funded. That’s right UNDER FUNDED!! Talk about opportunistic and hypocritical. Man, this tops the chart.

With Ted “truth” is a word without definition. He uses it like toilet paper.

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posted by: Brian Scott

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