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Is Islam Peaceful?

I’ve decided to learn as much as I can about Islam. I want to get a clear picture of where they stand. Unfortunately I’m not seeing the “religion of peace” that Bush and others claim it to be.

In Islam the biggest blasphemy to them is not believing in God's will. To the Muslim God's will is whatever happens. It does not matter if what has happened is perceived as good or bad, it is only God’s will.

So here’s where it becomes twisted; if an American (or anyone else non-Muslim) fights against them, it is against Gods will. But when they blow up children in buses, run plains into buildings, burn people alive, mass murder each other, stampede each other to death in a Hajj ritual, this is God's will because they are Muslims.

This might go towards proof that the 90% who are considered to have their religion hijacked by radicals preferred not to say anything on 9/11. And still remain quite when Israeli men, women and children are blown to death by Islamic suicide bombers. To protest such acts would be considered as speaking against Gods will.

I'm very quickly beginning to believe that Islam is only peaceful when people wish to ignore the truth.

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posted by: Brian Scott

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