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Even more evidence that Clark is an opportunist and a liar.

I love how people in the media call it a credibility gap. How diplomatic. The President is a liar, you can be liar, I can be one if you so wish to falsely call me that - but Richard Clark who is selling a book that bashes Bush is said to have a credibility gap. The media's credibility gap is looking rather yellow lately.

When Richard Clark handed over a final official assessment on National security in December of 2000, it mentioned al Qaeda a grand spanking total of ZERO times and bin Laden a grand total of 4 times. Length of document: 45,000 words. Percentage of importance based on number of times mention against number of words in the document = .009%

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Clark doesn't even mention al Queda in last security assessment to Clinton refuting his statement that Clinton made it a higher priority than Bush.

posted by: Brian Scott

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