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Daily Notes :I Moved to MT.

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Another Freakin Change!?

Yep. But this time I had good reasons.

1. To much web page noise. It was way to busy looking and it gave me a headache every time I went to it. Although I was happy with the layout, there seemed to be to much stuff. The color was never my favorite either.

2. eris designs has free blog skins, which I used. In order to use his skins you need to link to his site with a button. I did this, but unfortunately something screwed up on his end that made a “User name and Password” dialogue come up every time you visited the site and it wouldn’t go away. So goodbye eris designed blog skin. No more problem now.

Using this current design, I believe calls more attention to my posts than the noise on the page. Finally, I like this design. It’s clean and it’s welcoming.

Lord willing I won’t have to change it for a long long time.


posted by: Brian Scott

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