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Abortion - You shouldn't have the right.

My wife and I are members of Right to Life. To my family this isn’t even a choice, it’s a necessity. Being a member we get newsletters every once in a while detailing our fight for the unborn, and how the other side is fighting back. The April 2004 newsletter was just released and I wanted to share a couple of the stories.

The fallacy that abortion protects the health of the mother:

In early January a 15 year old 9th grade girl, Tamia Russell, died at the hands of an abortionist. The Dr. did not get parental consent to perform the abortion, which is required by law in the state of Michigan. The father is a 24 year old man which constitutes statutory rape in Michigan. What a travesty of life from start to finish. Had the law been followed, by everyone this girl might still be alive today. It appears as though abortionist have little respect for laws.

Read Tamia’s story.

Warren Hern finds new way to kill despite partial birth abortion ban.

Please be warned. The excerpt you are about to read is a graphic description of an abortion procedure.

“Earlier this year, I began an abortion on a young woman who was 17 weeks pregnant. Because of the two days of prior treatment, the amniotic membranes were visible and bulging. I ruptured the membranes and released the fluid to reduce the risk of amniotic fluid embolism. Then I inserted my forceps into the uterus and applied them to the head of the fetus, which was still alive, since fetal injection is not done at that stage of pregnancy. I closed the forceps, crushing the skull of the fetus, and withdrew the forceps. The fetus, now dead, slid out more or less intact. With the next pass of the forceps, I grasped the placenta, and it came out in one piece.“

He continues lauding the expediency of the procedure, lack of blood loss and an alert patient as though nothing happened.

“Within a few seconds, I had completed my routine exploration of the uterus and sharp curettage. The blood loss would just fill a tablespoon. The patient, who was awake, hardly felt the operation. She was relieved, grateful, and safe. She wants to have children in the future.”

Sad part is, she could have had the child she wanted now. Or maybe someone who needed to give their love to a child could have raised it. It’s called adoption.

Read this monsters editorial

And now a Dr. has come out and admitted that a fetus feels pain when it’s being killed.

“A type of abortion banned under a new federal law would cause "severe and excruciating" pain to 20-week-old fetuses, a medical expert testified Tuesday in one of three trials across the country testing the law's constitutionality.

"I believe the fetus is conscious," said Dr. Kanwaljeet "Sonny" Anand, a pediatrician at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He took the stand as a witness for the government, which is defending the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. “

I’m not even a Dr. and I would bet my life that a fetus feels pain once it’s brain shows brain wave activity at six weeks.

Read the entire story

These are just a couple of the examples. I’ve had a few conversations over my lifetime about his issue. In fact most complaints come from the stand point that since I’m a male I should have no say in what a woman wants to do with her body.

I simply argue that it is not her body that I’m worried about.

When it’s my turn to ask the questions I ask whether or not abortion would be a suitable solution for them. Quite often the answer comes back; “I would never get one myself. But I would never take that right away from others.” This answer always irks me. I’ll never understand how a person who agrees that it is indeed killing a baby could excuse it as a right for another. It’s like saying; “You know, I wouldn’t kill puppies, but since you think it’s okay, who am I to say you can’t” It’s simply ridiculous.

My feelings don’t change even in cases of incest and rape. The act by which the child is conceived is unbelievably barbaric and the psychological effects will be evident for years to come. But the child is no less a child in either cases. They deserve the same right to life as you and I do.

As for the psychological effects, I believe that by ending the life that is in them will only increase the psychological problems of the mother and not alleviate them.

If you believe that life starts at conception then we need to be doing a lot more to support organization like Right to Life and The Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Related to story:

Right to Life of Michigan

Abortion "Doctor" Admits Partial-Birth Abortions Can Hurt or Kill Women

Abortionists Admit Dismemberment Horror


The talkRADIOforecast for today:

12 Marines, 66 Iraqis Killed in Battles

I’ll keep reiterating this: It’s about the war on terror and creating a safer world against Islamic extremists. Iraq supported terrorism – they needed to be delt with to make America a safer place, to make the world a safer place. Once again the world benefits as Americans loose their lives. Europe should be grateful for what we are doing.

'Passion' tops $100 mil o'seas

Simply amazing. If you haven’t seen the movie you really should.

Murdoch backs Bush and wants troops to stay

Mr. Murdoch owns FoxNews. I’m sure the liberal elites will point at this as proof of being unfair and unbalanced at his networks. But what the liberals will fail to do is look at themselves and realize that they too are tainted by there own beliefs. And believe me – it shows every day at the networks and CNN.

Saddam being held in Qatar: report

Blix Says Iraq Worse Off After War

What a complete fool. I’m dying to hear how being tortured, murdered and raped at the whim of an evil totalitarian regime is better than freedom. Go on… tell me. What a jerk.

Powell rebukes Kennedy in rare political foray

"I was in Haiti and didn't see the whole speech, but I must say that Senator Kennedy, I think, should be a little more restrained and careful in his comments because we are at war," Powell said in an interview on a nationally syndicated radio broadcast.

Good point Colin. It’s amazing that liberals get away with speaking out of both sides of their mouth on this. We support our troops – but this war is wrong. In essence what Ted is saying is that hes okay with the person but not okay with what they are doing. What they are doing is keeping us safe and free. Being a soldiers IS who they are – And I thank God every day for the men and women who serve. Ted, if you were to ask our soldiers why they are there, they are crystal clear in their understanding. It takes a liberal to get confused on the issue.

Updated at 04.07.04 9:40pm
It's also important that this country looks unified to everyone outside of the U.S. This type of rhetoric only hurts our troops, because when they see American Leaders like Ted whining about what happening - they (the terrorists) feel emboldened to continue and fight harder. Their thought process is: "If I just hit a little harder, America will run." The rhetoric of Ted, John Kerry and the rest of the appeasement crowd making these statements only serve to put our troops in greater danger.

Nader Calls for Bush to Be Impeached

"When you plunge our country into war on a platform of fabrications and deceptions, and you bring back thousands of American soldiers who are sick, injured or dead, and that war is unconstitutionally authorized to begin with, Mr. Bush's behavior qualifies for the high crimes and misdemeanor impeachment clause of the Constitution,"

Keep talking Nader - Your doing a great job for the Republicans. You being in this race helped us in 2000 and as long as your ego wins over being bought by Kerry - you'll help us win in 2004. Thanks you crazy nut case.

posted by: Brian Scott

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