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Abortion To Air On Glenn Beck's Program Today.

Today Glenn Beck (Nationally syndicated radio talk show host with Clear Channel) will do one of five things: He will make good on his promise and air an abortion for his 6 million plus viewers. Or he may tell you that this idea was nothing more than some contrived plan to provoke you into action, stoke your feelings into white-hot anger, to draw some analogy, or just to get you to think hard about why it is you’re so uncomfortable about today’s broadcast.

A part of me believes that he is just giving an analogy. Back 8 months ago he convinced a lot of people that he was going to kill his new puppy Bobo if we didn’t put him on the top 10 list at Amazon when his book was released. It enraged a lot of people. It turned out that he was trying to show how motivated people became over a dog and yet very little was being done about a severely disabled woman Terri Schiavo. Terri had her feeding tube removed by the state at the bequest of her husband; despite the fact that Terri’s parents have begged to take legal guardianship over her. Thankfully, due to Glenn’s provocation, thousands called Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida), which ultimately led to her feeding tube being reinserted.

I knew by listening to Glenn for a short time that he was kidding about killing Bobo. He has a sense of humor that is almost identical to mine. From the beginning of the “killing Bobo” bit, I knew it was a joke and that there would be no doggy death to worry about. I knew his analogy way before he revealed his true message. Glenn likes to make you think he’s one thing when it’s obvious to those that really know him, that he’s the other. Glenn would never kill a puppy, yet he made thousand believe he would. In the case of airing an abortion for his 6+million viewers to listen to, I’m missing the analogy or veiled message. This makes me think he’s not trying for another “Bobo” like moment. I hope I'm wrong.

There is zero need to hear the murder of a human being… if you’re pro-life. In the recent Pro-death rally in Washington there were Pro-life people with signs showing actual pictures of aborted fetuses. The pro-death crowd turned their backs and yelled “Lies”. Most people have made up their minds on this issue. Those that have dumb reasons to believe it’s okay to kill a human life out of convenience will remain in ignorance. Yet there are those that are pro-death without good reason, and it’s possible to change these people minds. I hope this type of pro-death crowd listens closely to today’s broadcast.

Since yesterday my opinion has changed. Yesterday I was willing to say that if Glenn went through with this, I would never listen to him again. Today, I feel that if it changes the heart of just one individual – it might be worth it. Its worth it because, even one life has the potential to become the next Einstein, President, Pastor or agent of good in this wicked world. And as Glenn said yesterday, for every 1 child given up for adoption there are 25 parents-to-be that are waiting in prayerful anticipation of being chosen. There is a need for the unborn to be given a chance in life. Ultimately life is a gift from God and is to be respected above all. For me however, I will have my hand on the volume at 10:07am. I’m not going to listen to the murder of a human being.


posted by: Brian Scott

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