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Name calling

I'm thinking of calling this site something else. I noticed one site recently that was full of good debate on subjects ranging from religion to culture to abortion etc. Sounds pretty dry huh? Not for me. I love that stuff. And so do a lot of other people.

Anyway, it's the top rated blog at but the site is called "Hot Abercrombie Chick" (under the Faith/Religion category? ...Huh.) Any guess at who the majority of her fan base is?

She started her site around the same time I did and is way more successful at drawing people in for a few reasons:

1. I changed my site's appearance way to frequently. Anyone returning would not recognize it from day to day. I was unhappy with it for quite sometime and in reality I shouldn't have published anything till I had thought things through a little better.

2. I changed the name of the blog frequently as well, and I'm willing to do it again.

3. I don't have a sexy name to draw people in. It has to be something that will draw people to the site with a sucker punch like H.A.C. does. I call it creative marketing and so does she. So here are some of my suggestions, maybe you have some that would be better.

1. Old Naked Navy
2. Sexy American Eagle
3. Boob Buckle
4. Hot Fitch
5. Smokin Gap
6. Brianna's Hot Eddie Bauer

You get the picture. Who wants to go to "Old Naked Navy"? I'll stick with what I got for now.

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It's a slow news day. Thats all I want to post for now.

posted by: Brian Scott

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