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My Way News - Socialists Oust Spain's Ruling Party

Brian Scott - What dark day for Democracy in the world today. First the shady election of Vladimir Puttin and now this. It seems as though when the going gets rough the Spaniards get scared and run away with their tale between their legs.

Let’s digest for a moment what the terrorists have learned in this election in Spain.

1. They can control an election. Using force killing innocents does get the results favorable to their agenda. The best time to set a bomb off is just before an election. Make sure your reasons are known before the voting takes place.

With the death of their countrymen still fresh in the mind and heart they will vote their heart instead of what’s best for the country.

Conclusion: Europeans are as week as a day old baby gnat.

2. They can control other countries. In the same way they will try and control the outcome of other elections and the opinions of millions by using terror.

Here is what scares me the most:

Can anyone please tell me a country where we have an election on the way? I can't seem to remember, but it seems like I should know this one..... Oh yeah! WE DO!!!!

With Kerry’s stated opinion of being a wuss on terrorism (wanting to treat it as a police issue), and Bush’s stated opinion of wanting to kill all terrorists, you really have a difference between the two candidates much like Spain had. One candidate the European SOCIALISTS (And Kim Jong-Il of North Korea) want (John Kerry) the other doesn’t care what the next door neighbor thinks as long as your children are safe tucked in bed with your freedoms in tack. (George W. Bush). Why is this such a hard choice for people?

This should be a huge blow John Kerry, but I’m pretty cynical when it comes to the average Americans intelligence. I have a feeling that Kerry could have killed puppies for a living and that wouldn’t make difference to 50% of this country.

Would anyone be surprised if we were bombed like Spain was a few short days before the election in this country? Who would you vote for if we were? What message are you sending the terrorists if you vote for Bush? What message are you sending the terrorists if you vote for Kerry?

Read what happened in Spain this weekend:

"MADRID, Spain (AP) - The opposition Socialists scored a dramatic upset win in Spain's general election Sunday, unseating conservatives stung by charges they provoked the Madrid terror bombings by supporting the U.S.-led war in Iraq and making Spain a target for al-Qaida.

It was the first time a government that backed the Iraq war has been voted out of office. Incoming prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has pledged to bring home the 1,300 troops Spain has stationed in Iraq when their tour of duty ends in July.

The Spanish Socialist Workers Party declared victory with 96 percent of the votes counted. The party soared from 125 seats in the outgoing 350-seat legislature to 164 in the next one. The governing Popular Party fell to 148 from 183.

Rodriguez Zapatero began his victory speech with a minute of silence for those killed in the terror attacks.

'Today voters have said they want a change of government,' Rodriguez Zapatero said."

George Will - Political Dynamite

"WASHINGTON -- Measured by the immediacy and importance of their political effect, the train bombs in Madrid were the most efficient explosions in the history of terrorism. Detonated 74 hours before polls opened in a national election, the reverberations toppled a U.S. ally.

Seven decades ago Spain became a cockpit for the 20th century's contending totalitarianisms -- fascism and communism. Its 1936-39 civil war, a witches' brew of political and religious passions, was exceptionally savage, even for a civil war. Last Thursday this century's passions exploded in Spain."

posted by: Brian Scott

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