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John Kerry's badge of honor - The French, Russian, North Korea, and Spains endorsement?

There have been more than a few instances where John Kerry has defended himself on having support from foreign and European countries. Well no duh. If you look at the political make up of these nations, they are all socialists. The party that most closely aligns themselves (on issues) with socialism is the liberal Democratic Party. So it shouldn't surprise us when countries like France, Russia, North Korea, and Spain come out routing for their boy. What I do find interesting is that John Kerry is touting it like a badge of honor.

It's becoming more and more clear to America that John Kerry is not the man for the job. Thank God. In a townhall meeting last Sunday Cedric Brown asked John Kerry which foreign leaders he meet and when. Kerry denied he meet with them but said he talked to them instead. (Which by the way contradicts what he said earlier). The thing that upset me most is that he dismissed Cedric by asking him if he voted for Bush. Now, I don't understand for one second why John would do that. Yes he was loosing a debate to a citizen, but he shot himself in the foot by separating himself from the Republican voters. Maybe he doesn't want to have the republicans vote for him. Maybe he just wants to be president of the Democrats. Maybe he doesn't want to be president. Either way it really shows how polarized this country has become. So much so certain politician don't care what half of America feels and believes. That to me punctuates why JFK is a divider.

The support coming from European countries, I believe will only strengthen Bush. I can see a lot of people who disagree with Bush on most issues, voting for him because they know that he will not co-opt the American way of life or its security just to be buddy buddy with our “Allies” and enemies.

Why in the world would we care about what the French, Russians, Spaniards, and North Koreans want for our country anyway? I don't believe for one second they have the best interest of America in their hearts. Do you?

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posted by: Brian Scott

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