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3/03/2004 | McDonald's Phasing Out Supersize Fries, Drinks

McD's: May I take your order?

Brian Scott: Ah.. Yes. I would like an order of your entire breakfast and lunch menu supersized with a diet coke.

McD's: I'm sorry sir, we don't supersize anylonger.

Brian Scott: Okay then... Make it a regular coke.

CHICAGO — Say goodbye to those super-sized fries -- McDonald's (MCD) is slimming down its menu.

The hamburger giant has started phasing out its trademark Supersize fries (search) and drinks in its U.S. restaurants as part of an effort to simplify its menu and give customers choices that support a balanced lifestyle, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

By the end of 2004, super size will no longer be available at the nation's 13,000-plus McDonald's outlets except in certain promotions, McDonald's spokesman Walt Riker said.

The move comes as the world's largest restaurant company, and fast-food chains in general, are under growing public pressure to give consumers healthier food options in a nation that has suddenly become aware of its bulging waistline and the health dangers that come with it.

posted by: Brian Scott

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