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Election 2004 Predictions

1. OBL will be found dead or alive. - Preferably dead with a cherry on top.

2. WMD locations will be found. Whether it is in Iraq or a location to where they were sent.

3. There will be a bombing on American soil by Islamic terrorists that will rival 9/11. It will most likely happen just days before the elections. What happened in Spain was far worse than just a bombing. An entire nation appeased Islamic terrorism and the Islamic terrorist are now emboldened to try for a repeat in other countries. If it happens, I will not only blame the terrorists but also Spain for their capitulation. And maybe France too...just because.

4. Bush will win. It might not be by a wide margin, but it will happen much to the consternation and bewilderment of the rest of the world and almost half of America. Good. I like it that way. In fact, wouldn't it be great if Bush won with the majority of the electoral votes again and not the popular vote? Man that would really tick people off for another 4 years.


posted by: Brian Scott

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