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For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them - Proverbs 1:32

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Daily Notes :I Moved to MT.

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Brian Scott - from now on. (till I change my mind again)

I think blogs are supposed to be a place where you can investigate what people think and feel on any given issue on any given day. For the past 2 weeks my blog has been short on opinion and long on listing news stories. Where I believe that by listing a story shows my viewpoint to a certain degree, finding news is something that you can get anywhere at anytime.

So what is (TRF) supposed to be or look like?

I got no clue at this time how it's supposed to look. Although I do feel that what I have now is roughly what I'm looking for, I'm painfully aware that it's not as professional looking as I would like it to be.

What is it supposed to be? Due to time constraints I felt that I could just add links and stories without much opinion, and lately that's all it's been. But it has to be more than that. So what I'm considering is much like this blog shows now. It will be my rant(s) or diatribe and a short-listing of stories I feel are relevant to my diatribe as well as stories that will be talked about on today's radiobroadcasts. And hopefully my opinions will provoke conversation.

So add your comments and let the opinions fly.

Happy Iraqi
Isreal launches strike in Gaza
Passion actor Caviezel meets Pope

posted by: Brian Scott

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