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MTV/CBS/Viacom - All knew booby shew.

Drudge Report had this Cached Google page indicating that MTV knew the "boob" incident would happen.

My Gosh, you would have to be dumb as a brick to think otherwise. You all saw it. It was no mistake. I've heard some say that the NFL didn't know about it, but they were doing rehearsals for a week in that auditorium. How could they not know?

All I had to hear and see is a Janet Jackson song that no one knew, and Kid Rock in a torn up American flag and I knew I didn’t need to see the rest. I turned my attention elsewhere for the rest of the game. I had the game on in the background so I could hear, but I had other things to do.

At first I felt that people would weigh the possibility of being offended against their love of football and football will win every time. Thank God I turned out wrong. Enough people are supremely cheesed about this that I doubt anything like this will happen in the near future, at least at half time. This year the commercials were tame, but last year the commercials were a bit sexual. I think most people forget that it's the networks that choose the ads being shown on your TV.

My advice: Turn the BOOB TUBE OFF!

Also, BIG “ups” to MTV/CBS/Viacom, way to represent America! (Idiots) - News -Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Show Promises 'Shocking Moments'

The MTV Statement

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posted by: Brian Scott

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