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Charlie Rangel on Kerry’s adultery and Bush’s service record plus news to peruse.

I wanted to take a few moments to counter a few of the point made by Congressman Charlie Rangel (D) who I felt did an amazing job feeding the public bad information and perpetuating dead stories. Hey as long as you say it, his base will believe it whether it’s true or not right?

The first question asked of Rep. Rangel was if there was anything in Kerry’s campaign that might derail his candidacy? This is in reference to John Kerry having an elicit affair with a young intern a couple years ago.

Charlie responded by saying that, “I think really it's shameful that these rumors will be put on an Internet and be attached and attributed to the National Republican Committee.” The only thing that has been attached to the RNC is purely rumor do to the time of the year we are in. The only real evidence they have is the testimony of reporters who were told directly from Wes Clark that Kerry was in trouble just before Wes threw in the towel and called it quits.

It was so odd to see just mere days after the scandal broke that Wes and John were buddy buddy on stage. Man I would love to have been a fly on the wall to hear that conversation.

“Uh, thanks Wes for the kick in the pants and possibly destroying our chance of gaining the Whitehouse back. You sure your not a Republican spy?”

“Sorry John. I didn’t really say anything that would lead them to believe I said something that would lead them to the conclusion you were having an affair. I’ve always known you were the man for the job. John I honestly believe I was under the mind control of the RNC for a moment there. And although I am the best choice for this country I do need a job when this is all done. Can I have a job?”

“Uh…. Lets start with you endorsing me first. Then we’ll talk job. Maybe.”

Later in the conversation Tim Russert brought up the dead, dull, and over researched subject of Bush’s record during the Vietnam War. Evidently the former State Senator from Georgia Max Cleland believes Bush went AWOL despite General Calhoun observing him reporting for duty. That plus the total release of his records should have put this baby to rest, but they’ll be dead before they give up on something that might possibly come up…maybe, possibly, something somehow, oh please somehow come up. Perhaps if they just say something might be there, that’ll be enough to get the week minded undecided looking for someone other than Bush. And that should be enough.

Charlie had the gull to say that Bush is the one that brought his military service to issue by landing on an aircraft carrier. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me! I seem to remember having a president that skipped (dodged the draft) serving at all and then went over to the U.K. to protest America. Am I the only one in the twilight zone here? Every single one of the Democrats supported President Clinton and told everyone that it was a different time and this shouldn’t have any barring on his ability to protect this country and serve. Yet here we are with a republican in office that served in the National Guard, considered to be a great Guardsman and honorably discharged, and all the Democrats can do is cry and hope about what might have been. This brings me to the next point.

There is no case here. The entire press has all the information that they need or could ask for, plus the testimony of General Calhoun placing him on site reporting for duty. Could someone please explain to me why we are still talking about this?

Here is a good example of how stupid this investigation looks: In my hand I am holding a cashew nut. I hold it out for everyone to see. Do you see the cashew or do you pretend it’s not there? If you pretend it’s not there, who should be investigated, the guy who is holding the nut or the people claiming not to see the nut?

I’m going nuts.

Heres the stuff:
Read the entire interview with Carlie Rangel (D) on Meet the Press with Tim Russert.
And a synopsis of the entire boring "go nowhere" story.


Howard Dean: I’m not going anywhere.
At what point does his staying in the race look opportunistic? Does anyone believe he would still be in had it not been for the revelation of Kerry’s infidelity? And if Howard keeps loosing, as he is sure to do, (because Democrats don’t care if you sleep with interns) then when does it become a matter of ego?

John Kerry might be in bigger trouble?
This is the headline form the Daily Telegraph in the UK: 'This won't go away. What happened is much nastier than is being reported' Also in the report is a picture of the intern.

Iraqi Police Nab '4 of Spades'.

This just in.... I'm tired and going to sleep.

posted by: Brian Scott

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