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For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them - Proverbs 1:32

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And you think Conservatives are dumb?

This can only be described as a mass of stupid people being rallied by the Dems out of anger to not vote for Kerry or Edwards but to vote against Bush. Personally I think your less than Intelligent if you let your emotions (using your heart) run roughshod over your head (logic and reason).

Invent This, a show on Tech TV had a segment where a entrepreneur started making small domes out of cardboard so that the HOMELESS could have shelter from the elements. He said he wanted to start doing something using his heart instead of his head. He ran into a bit of a problem. The domes cost more than $600.00 a piece. This is the type of person who would vote for either Kerry or Edwards guaranteed.

Hmmmm... so... it could be just anyone then with a (D) behind their name as long as he appeared electable?.

posted by: Brian Scott

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