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America is better because...

This is the start of a new segment. Stories in this segment will underscore why America is THE best country on the face of the earth. The stories themselves will be self explanatory for the most part, but maybe some explanation will be given so the point is not lost. Each segment will simply be titled: America is better because...

In the article below you will read about the execution of families by the North Koreans. The article makes me appreciate our home land so much it almost makes me cry. Could you imagine a life where your entire family would be imprisoned because of what you believed or might have said? And since you are an enemy of North Korea the government would kill your family as an enemy. Imagine frantically trying to rescue your children by giving them mouth to mouth while poison gas takes your child’s last breath and yours as well, all while your captors watch without pity. Or imagine being fed food after being starved half to death only to find out that the food has been poisoned.

So the next time you feel that America is evil or a terrible empire, read the article below and remember that we are not the bad guys. We are the heroes that stand up against people like Saddam and Kim Jung Il, bringing justice and freedom to those that would love to live like Americans and would gladly die in that pursuit.

Thank God today for this great land of ours and pray for North Korea.

Revealed: the gas chamber horror of North Korea's gulag

posted by: Brian Scott

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