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Web radio start-up purchase list.

So here is what I will purchase to start my Radio program.

I would have no idea what to buy unless I was told by a friend who knows far more about recording than I do. Being that he has a recording studio in his basement I felt that I could trust his opinion in this matter. Thanks Lane for your help!

Assuming you already have a computer with a fairly good sound card you will need to purchase these items or something similar. However, the items listed below are more than capable of handling what I intend to do. Thank goodness it’s inexpensive.

1. 20’ Lo-Z Microphone Cabel – $2.99
2. Eurotrack UB802 Compact Mixer - $49.00
3. MXL 990 Cardioid Condenser with Shockmount – $59.00
4. AXMAN Low profile no boom Mic stand - $14.99
5. AKG K-44 Headphones - $20.00

Total Hardware investment: just under $146.00

Recording software: Price will vary greatly. Find one you like that can take multiple .wav tracks and gives you some flexibility.

Although relatively inexpensive it will take me some time to purchase all the items. My wife and I have 2 children and a house to pay for first before I spend anything on things of an extra curricular activity. But with one or two items per pay period, it shouldn’t take to long.

My intent is to have a show prerecorded and then posted on for listeners to enjoy….

Follow this link if you wish to see where I'll buy these items.


posted by: Brian Scott

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