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Deaniacs - Birds of a feather

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The remarkable thing to me is not the number of times Dean made noteworthy gaffes. It's not even remarkable that he came in as well as he did in New Hampshire. What is remarkable however is the number of people that believe he is the man for the job despite his idiocy.

The story isn't Dean himself; it's those that follow him. I'm reminded of the saying "Birds of a feather flock together." I didn't know people this stupid could find their cars much less make it to the polls in New Hampshire, giving him second place.

To me, people who support Dean do more harm to the Democratic party than Bill Clinton ever did. And that’s saying a lot. Clinton was a self-seeking liar who raped a woman, and then the American people of there safety (North Korea). But he was willing to go into Kosovo to help the Serbs and remove Milosevic from power. Howard Dean on the other hand is the person most despots and evil people would love in office.

Why? Because, as Howard has suggested in the past, we would need U.N. permission to go to war. And the U.N. is anything but American friendly. True, about 3 weeks later he restated his opinion, sounding more hawkish, but if he actually believes the first thing he said and then recants, it appears as though he is not genuine to his true feelings and is merely doing damage control. You can say that for most of his mistakes outlined in the articles linked above.

My questions to Dean followers are these: (I'll try and keep the question easy so you can understand it) Who is Howard Dean? I guarantee you don't know. No one does. Do you just like him because he hates Bush? That can't be. There are many other loser candidates to choose from that hate Bush just as much. Try Edwards on for a change. At least he is consistent in his message.

I beg you, for the good of the country and your self respect don't just look past his many mistakes and chalk it up to being human. Understand that 1 mistake makes him normal. Many mistakes makes him not credible - and in the process makes Dean followers look stupid.


posted by: Brian Scott

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