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And in this corner... AL FRANKEN!!!!!!

It has been recently reported that Al Franken, soon to be liberal talk show host and comedian, has tackled a protestor at a Dean rally in order to shut him up. All in the name of free speech. Uh…(let me quickly read that again) Yup. He tackled the guy because of free speech. So hard in fact that Al broke his glasses. His reasoning is that Dean should be allowed to say what he wants and not be shouted down.

Contrast this incident with the Glenn Beck’s Rally for America tour. At one stop there were a group of protestors making noise and disrupting Glenn’s speech. This irritated the crowd so they retaliated by booing back at the protestors. Immediately Glenn stops the jeering and tells his audience that protesting is just another way America and American’s are so great. So don’t boo them.

I think its evident that Al Franken is no agent of Free speech. He just wants to make sure his is the only one you’ll hear. Ironically in this attempt at stifling the protestors, Al made his adversary’s words louder than Deans. More and more people will want to know just what was said that set Al over the edge. But that isn’t the least of his worries at this point. For such a polarizing person as Al, an action like this will most likely end up in court with some sort of restitution.

I think Cindy Lauper said it best in one of her songs: "I see your true colors shinging through - And thats why I love you - So don't be afraid to let them show - Your true colors." (Man thats lame)

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posted by: Brian Scott

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